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Natural Breastfeeding Course

Natural Breastfeeding turns a struggle into a snuggle. Learn to love breastfeeding!

This evidence-based, neurobehavioral approach to breastfeeding by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA and Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, MD is part of my Natural Breastfeeding Professional Package. As such I can offer this course at a serious discount! If purchased individually, this online program usually costs $147. 


This fun, parent-friendly program includes more than 60 short videos and more than 100 images of diverse mothers and babies breastfeeding. 


"As a second-time mom, I was curious what this course could offer me since I had already experienced a successful breastfeeding relationship with my first child. However, the information presented in this course was so new to me and so helpful for the first couple weeks of breastfeeding in order to avoid so many of the common pitfalls that come up when establishing a breastfeeding relationship! I struggled with nipple pain, engorgement, a forceful letdown, and other issues with my first child, and I was encouraged to learn that this method of breastfeeding can help avoid those things, especially in the first few weeks when you and baby are getting comfortable with breastfeeding.

The position recommended in this course is SO DIFFERENT than what I experienced the nurses, midwives, and even lactation consultants recommend at the hospital. I am so glad that I was able to access this information so I can confidently and comfortably begin breastfeeding my baby right from the moment they are born."

~ Waverly