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We have held each other's hands, had each other's backs, and trusted each other's bodies throughout the ages. I take this work to heart. It is a great honor to become woven into the tapestry of someone's life in such an amazing event as the birth of a child.


Hello, my name is Maria.

Birth is deeply transformative and I am passionate about it! I help families embark on their birthing journey with preparation, labor & birth support, and postpartum readiness. You may not realize it yet, but the strength and the wisdom you need to give birth are already within you.

"The most important knowledge you can gather in birth is self-knowledge – the knowledge about what your body and mind need to feel safe enough to trust your instinct and intuition."Dr. Rachel Reed


"We are made to do this work and it's not easy... I would say that pain is part of the glory or the tremendous mystery of life. And that if anything, it's a kind of privilege to stand so close to such an incredible miracle."


Maria was invaluable to me and my partner in preparing for our hospital birth and helping us to stick to an unmedicated birth plan. Her experience and knowledge were what we initially appreciated most and it shined through our 15-hour labor and birth (plus my water breaking 20 hours before the onset of labor). I most appreciated her hands-on style and calm presence through active labor. She also helped my partner to take breaks and modeled supports he could help with. When my baby had turned posterior during labor, she led the team of nurses along with the midwife to use Spinning Babies positions and techniques to turn him and it worked!! Maria is so wise and knowledgeable, we felt we were in good hands the entire time. I recommend everyone hire a doula, and Maria if you can!



Systemic racism is driving maternal health disparities in the United States. Doula support for families of color in the perinatal time is a way to combat these disparities and help improve outcomes. I offer scholarships to Native American, Black, and Multi-Ethnic families in need or I will support you with a donation and referral to the Community Doula Alliance or the Black Parent Initiative.

I respect multiple cultural ways of knowing, seeing, and living. I honor diversity and strive to understand differences with humility.

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